Godard EP

by Godard

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released October 6, 2011

Recorded by Guy Page at Studio 5A, Northwood, Isle of Wight.
Album Artwork by Duncan Skiles - photoblarg.com?e2ac6388



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Godard Brighton, UK

Tristan, Conall, Charlie.

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Track Name: Sharapova
What if we never win?

Starts with, a hit
Ends on, a miss
I don’t, tell anyone, about this.
(Wait for)
I only know one girl who talks like that,
I pray to God it was no accident

You know that I,
Would’ve carried the miles on my shoulders for us
Relied on boats and trains,
We could not trust (trust)

When she left I wasn’t winning
But at least I went down swinging
Like I always knew

I remember come the 31st,
Surrey turned to blue.
Hope you’re checking up on me,
Like I’m checking up on you (you)

I found it hard,
To let go of you.
Cos I gave up and I’m fucked that,
All my luck turned to rust
I got noone to hate, I got no-one to chase.

What if we never win?
Track Name: Nations
I’ll play ‘Imagine’ today,
Cos I’m not there to see you, or visit your grave.
Smudged make-up across her face spells out,
All the bad things happening a thousand miles away.

& she’s in pieces; I’ll pick them up
Sat like a portrait, she’s framed by windows
Can’t prepare enough

You broke the circle
That spread through nations

I thought, of all my family and all of my friends
Of how we paint, the town blood red, ending up dead.
Track Name: Find Your Way Home
I grow stronger with age, you get worse every day
I’ll be someone you miss, you’ll regret this
When I look out my window, I’ll be tearing my hair out
But you already did that…

You don’t deserve my time

Keep me on the upsides
I’ll drown my pride, in other girls sheets
Just for a little while
& you can’t blame luck, you’re drunk
& this has been fucked for, more than a little while

If I can’t trust you I can’t trust anyone
The marks on my skin say that we are done

If I can’t trust you I can’t trust anyone
Who can I trust?